GNHI came through for me when it was discovered that I had gone home from the hospital without the meds I needed. With no hesitating they were on their way making the 125 mile trip (one way). Before I knew it I heard a knock at the door and a friendly “Hello.” Thank you GNHI for being a greatly needed service. C.J.

The nurse that came and did my infusion was very good at doing the infusion. She was very calm and talkative. I appreciated that she talked to me all while doing the infusion. She made sure that I knew all what was going on. Thank you! Brittany

The service was excellent! I felt cared for, and appreciated the follow-up call to check on me and that all my concerns were addressed. I felt more at ease doing the treatment myself. L.R.

I received my first home infusion this year and I had a fantastic experience! The nurse was very professional and answered all of my questions. She explained everything that she did with me. I highly recommend Greater Nebraska Home Infusion and I’m looking forward to my next infusion. Susan

“Dear Greater NE! Thank you so much for your great service! You were able to deliver my son’s medication quickly and find us in a rural area! Thanks for calling me and making sure we were doing okay! A big thanks to our pharmacist and Rocky, our med delivery guy!” Julie

“This company and it’s employees go above and beyond their way to make this experience as easy as possible. All the home visits are scheduled around my schedule, and deliveries are always on time. The Pharmacist calls and checks on me to see how things are going. Everyone is friendly and polite.” Heather

“Jaci, Thank you so much for taking time to talk with our nursing staff about ports! You shared a wealth of information that was very informative and helpful! Aseracare Hospice – York Office

Best staff I have experienced during my medical journeys! Thanks GNHI! Audrey

“The time I spent at GNHI was very caring and reassuring. The nurses made me feel safe and showed me the procedure would be simple. The instructions were very thorough and clear. When I got home to do it, it was just as they said it would be, and I didn’t hesitate doing any part of it.” Anthony D.

“When you’ve been down the road we’ve been down with Braxton, you learn to set very high standards. You can ask almost any professional that has ever touched B and they will tell you that I’m (we’re) not easy to please. We aren’t the average parents and never settle for anything less than excellent care. I’ve switched from business to business for all of Braxton’s needs from PT/OT, to drug pharmacies, to TPN companies trying to find that perfect care. I’m happy to say we’ve finally found our home for Braxton’s TPN and tube feed needs. The staff is nothing less than amazing. Our orders are packed correctly, on time, and there hasn’t been a single mistake since we switched!  PLUS they’re local (for us), and I don’t have to worry about the courier coming from Omaha at 10 at night when B needs a certain something that same day. This makes my heart happy. We have found the best of the best for all of Braxton’s needs!”   Cassie

“My experience with Greater Nebraska Home Infusion was phenomenal. From the moment I walked in the door, everyone was so very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I am a nurse and I was worried and scared about the whole process of needing IV antibiotics. After working with Jaci on my first infusion, I was able to give my own infusions. The staff gave me the confidence and further knowledge to succeed. Jaci is a great teacher and she can handle a PICC line better than anyone I’ve ever seen. I had complications along the way, but having Jaci there to help me every step of the way was so comforting, and helped me get my PICC line removed and how to care for my PICC line dressing and post infusion care. Melissa was very helpful as well and did an excellent job with dressing changes and keeping up with all my symptoms and worries. Mary was very thorough and helpful with dressing changes as well. Thank you, Rocky for finding me wherever I was to make sure I had my meds to infuse.  I can’t thank you all enough for the fantastic service you provided me with. I will always be happy to share my great care and experience with Greater Nebraska Home Infusion. Thanks also to the pharmacy for all the preparation and notes and special care with my medicine.”   D.C.